Lessons from the Past - The tools, techniques and conclusions of diskmag archeology


by Conspiracy

The demise of disk magazines has inevitably placed into stasis a traunche of content that was presented in a style that we haven’t experienced since - but with the advent of web technology and overpowered browsers, could (and should) we just harness the frankly irresponsible capabilities of JavaScript to perhaps take some of that data and return it back to a human readable form with the daily convenience we’re used to today?

That’s exactly what we did, and we’ll tell you all how: In this talk, we’ll show you the methods we used to reverse engineer antique diskmags, the necessary transformations the content needed to be presentable on, and some of the takeaways we’ve made while re-discovering some of the old content.

Kölsch 2.0 - Meet the deeper side of Kölsch with Reality404


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a Kölsch!

The legendary beer-seminar from Reality404 comes into the next round. Like at the last Evoke, it is all about Kölsch. This time we will go through the less known breweries in Cologne and their history. Expect to drink and learn! Drink enjoyable!

Notice: Only participants above 18 are allowed to enter. This time no registration. No fee. But we highly encourage a recommended donation of 10 euros on the door to help cover the Kölsch-costs you will be trying!

The Art of Coding - Inside and beyond the cultural heritage (the not boring roundtable with YOU!)

Workshop and roundtable with André Kudra (Kudrix), Peter Cukierski (Mr Pet), Tobias Kopka (Melkor) and Andreas Lange.

The Art of Coding initiative started as an initiative to enlist the demoscene as first digital culture on the list of UNESCO intangible world cultural heritage. Been there, done that! But what happened after that? Some very interesting projects were coming from within this context. In this session, we want to present some of this project and more important, come into a discussion about the self-confidence and value of the demoscene for you and beyond.


Demoscene Dark Matter

kudrix, Ronny and a couple other Demosceners have dived into the “Demoscene Dark Matter” deep and have asked themselves a variety of questions: What drives Demosceners to tirelessly invest their creativity and time in the Scene? Which role does trust play to remain involved? Which common values enable trust? And how do these defining factors make the Demoscene culture differentiate itself? Get to know about their findings and join the discussion!

Get the Presentation and underlying Paper from this seminar.


André “kudrix” Kudra is committed Demoscener, retro computing enthusiast and active member of Echtzeit – Digitale Kultur, Computerkunst e.V., Digital Retro Park e.V. and strong supporter of Art of Coding. Demoscene outreach and collecting, maintaining and operating classic computing platforms are his passions. In “normal life” he is dedicated to information security since the turn of the millennium.

TAOHC: ideas - tech - goals - can geeks really dance?


A short introduction to the concept of “The Art Of Hard Coding” followed by a free discussion about everything that interests you and more, including nonsense ;) What was the deal with dancing and geeks again?


I’m Mr.Pet^Sanity, perhaps also known to some as pet^ I’m a coder and I’ve put a lot of energy and passion into cracking hard nuts, I’ve (almost) always had fun doing it, I’ve wasted way too much time doing it, but I don’t regret even a minute of it, partly because it’s just fun to control wacky computing machines at the limit of their capabilities and because I’ve always had nice, helpful and damn smart geeks around me, THANK YOU for that!

Round-table and open-discussion

Same people, who did presentations and in addition:

Andreas Lange

Andreas Lange is founding director of the Computer Games Museum in Berlin and was its curator until August 2018. He studied Comparative Religions and Dramatics (M.A.) at Freie Universität Berlin. Besides other he is member of the „SIG Creative Industries“ of the Berlin chamber of commerce and industry and the SIG “Cultural Heritage” of the German Cultural Council. He also acts as an expert for the German Unesco commission in the field of cultural diversity.

Tobias Kopka

Evoke-Orga Seminar all-star, did lots of conference curating and giving birth to the Art of Coding project.


Please share your ideas and vision, and also you critical thoughts with us!