Covid Measures

Months before the event, we are not able to foresee the further development of the pandemic situation. This includes the restrictions the government may impose on parties like Evoke.

As we would like to make Evoke both as secure as possible and as uninhibited as you know it, we are currently considering the following measures:

  • Checking of the vaccination status using digital certificates (to ensure a simple procedure)
  • We strongly encourage you to test you each day of the event. please, bring your own tests (free tests close by are available until end of june, a political discussion is currently going on to prolong this program)
  • We will provide green, yellow and red buttons for you to show your borders
  • Of course you are allowed to wear a mask, if you prefer to do so
  • We will provide several germicide stations
  • Check your health before arriving. rather stay at home when you are showing any symptoms

These measures will be finalized until the event. Please check again before visiting!

In case you are worried, the measures seem to be too strict or too loose, please get in touch with us. We are open to discussion. But a safe space for all our visitors has been (and will be) one of the main aims of the organizing team.